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{February 21, 2015}   Resonance
Limbic Resonance by Amanda Sage

Limbic Resonance by Amanda Sage

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this thing where sometimes I meet certain people and I am overwhelmed by a huge amount of resonance and familiarity. It’s like I’ve known them forever, but, in reality (what is reality anyway?), we’ve just met. This led to 8-year-old me formulating several different theories about God and the afterlife and what really happens after we die (reincarnation? souls splitting in 2? congress of souls in the clouds?). I might go over those theories another day, but today I wanted to speak to an experience I had today.

Now, mind you, it’s been a long time since I’ve met anyone with whom I felt this sense of immediate familiarity. Years, probably. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve met many people over the last few years and have felt very connected to and I’ve developed some pretty great friendships. But today was different.

I was in a work-related meeting at a school I’ve visited only a few times. One part of my job is doing specialized evaluations at other school that my company has a contract with. These evaluations are pretty involved and comprehensive and involve many team members to complete. In this meeting, I met a person who was new to the team. She immediately came across as a strong personality with a strong sense of self. Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by not only her presence, but also by her depth of knowledge about her specialized area of study and her passion about it on multiple levels (our student, the school, the district, and education in the US). After the meeting, we talked pretty extensively about our views on the challenges coming up in public education and how there are a lot of barriers in meeting the needs of today’s students. As we shared the different pieces of information we had with one another, I was struck by how I listened to her words with my ears but that I was listening to her message with my soul (cheesy I know). The more I listened and learned the more I saw the layers of who she was and it struck me… I know you. Actually, it’s more like- I remember you. We kept talking and talking even though we both had places to be. We talked about collaborating and sharing a professional project. We shared our art interests (hers- ceramics, mine-leather) and decided that we HAD to have coffee soon and exchanged our personal information. It felt like we could have been talking about anything.

We were aligned on every point.

I don’t know if you realize how rare it is for me to find someone with the same amount of fire in their heart as I do about the topics I care about AND has the same vision on how to create change on a large scale. It’s pretty rare.

But maybe this is just what “meaningful human interaction” is supposed to be like. LOL I don’t know. I don’t get out much. But what I can tell you is that I feel motivated to keep doing what I’m doing and positive that I’m on the right path. I believe that I’ve met each “I remember you” person on my path at the right time. And today was no different.


Hey everyone. It’s been a long time since I posted. And honestly I’m not sure why I decided to post today. I read this in a couple of statuses on Facebook and thought it was worth thinking about. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on my past and how it influences my present and I’m working to figure out what changes I need to make to lead a happier life. A big part of that is letting go. To me the new moon symbolizes a time of turning-in and contemplation. There is no light and therefore nothing to hang on to or be distracted by. Chinese New Year symbolizes both endings and beginnings. This new year is Wood Sheep. Apparently the themes that will present themselves in the next year with be stability, femininity, and a sense of home and honestly I could not be more excited about that. Lent is a time for reflection and sacrificing. The religious association of the holiday doesn’t really do it for me, but I like the idea of giving something up that is not good for us in the name of trying to be better, even if it’s just for ourselves. Especially if it’s just for ourselves. I think that committing to making better and healthier decisions is always good, but not always easy. I really like Reverend Wolf’s dedication/prayer below. It just resonated with me:

A Lenten Diet
by The Rev. John B. Wolf, adapted

Fast from criticism, and feast on praise;
Fast from cynicism, and feast on joy;
Fast from anger, and feast on peace;
Fast from resentment, and feast on contentment;
Fast from jealousy, and feast on love;
Fast from pride, and feast on humility;
Fast from selfishness, and feast on service;
Fast from fear, and feast on trust.

{November 5, 2012}   Day 4

No time for a real post today. I’ve been super tired all day. Here was my day:


Lunch at Isobune in Burlingame

Burlingame Public Library (got 3 book, a bunch of CD’s, and Liza with a Z on DVD)



Goodnight, y’all!

{November 4, 2012}   Day 3

So, here’s a quick life update:

After I went to Europe for 5 weeks I moved to Iowa. I lived in a crazy, yet caring cooperative living community while I went to graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology. Graduate school has been, without a doubt, the most difficult experience of my life. Basically, it was 2 years of being pushed to do better, be smarter, and never quite feeling good enough. Luckily, I had wonderful classmates and co-op friends around to support me and I made it through. I now have an M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from the University of Iowa. In my last semester of grad school, I had 2 internships. The first was at a special education preschool in New York City and the second was at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. I learned a lot in both settings and they both really prepared me for (drum roll, please)……….. my first big-girl job. That’s right! I’m back in the Bay and employed. I’m working at a private practice, primarily working with children ages 0-3. I mostly see two-year-olds, though I currently have clients up to age 12. I’m only in my second week (I had to wait like 12 weeks for my license to go through), but I’m really enjoying it. My co-workers are wonderful and my kids are just so darn cute. Oh, and I should mention that I bought my very first car! Woohoo freedom!

So living at home is a bit of a challenge, but I’m feeling pretty good about where I am and where I’m going. I’ve been going through a lot of external life changes (duh… see above), but I’ve been also going through some internal changes, too. I went to Burning Man this year (second year in a row!) and really got in touch with my spirituality. So since then, I’ve been journaling, meditating, and generally trying harder to take care of myself. In the next couple months, I’d like to get back to taking regular dance classes (jazz, tap, and ballet if I can), start doing yoga, and try to get to the gym at least once per week. But for now, just one day at a time.

Today I spent most of my time with my family in getting ready for, watching, and talking about soccer. My little brothers are on the same soccer team (convenient, no?) and they had 2 games today. The won the first one, but lost in the last 3 minutes of the second one. Both were very well played games. After that, I decided that I needed to get away and have some “me” time. I drove down CA-84 from Woodside to the coast and went to my favorite beach: San Gregorio. I brought my journal, some music, my phone, and my sunglasses. I was walking away from my car and realized that I forgot something inside my now-locked car: my keys. I laughed pretty hard, then called my mom and asked her if she’d like to take a drive to San Gregorio. Bless her heart, she drove out and brought me my spare key. I then drove up to what I call “Taco Bell Beach” in Pacifica. I got out of the car and put my feet in the water which initially felt like direct snow melt. I got used to it (I always do) and walked up the beach at sunset. It was beautiful. I liked watching the light reflecting on the water, looking at how it changed in color as the waves came in and out.

That’s all I got for now. Peace!

{November 3, 2012}   Day 2

Well, yesterday I promised I’d have a good post today. Sad to report that it’s just not going to happen today. I’m too tired and I just want to escape to my dream world. Things have been up, down, and interesting this week. Work is great. I’m getting busier every day and I love it! It’s definitely challenging,but I’m learning a lot. Home is alright. Not cheery. Not terrible. Somewhere in between, I guess. I’ll write more tomorrow.


Oh until then, please check out the band Rising Appalachia. They are amazing and I saw them at an incredible full moon house party in Santa Cruz last Sunday.

{November 2, 2012}   November NaBloPoMo Day 1

I’m not officially signing up for NaBloPoMo, but I think it would be good for me to put my thoughts and feelings out there in the cyber-verse. I promise I’ll write more tomorrow and it will be something informative in the very least. Things have certainly changed since the last time I posted

{July 7, 2010}   Paris

So after a good couple of days in Belgium, the time came for me to leave for Paris. Upon arrival I discovered that my French was terrible. I mean, I guess I knew that in advance, but actually being in France made it that much more clear. I managed to find my way to my host Marine’s place. After a relaxing evening, I made my plans for the next few days. Here are the photos:

Eiffel Tower and the view from the top

Various statues (including the Thinker at Musee Rodin)

The Catacombs:

Le Père Lachaise (where I had lunch with Jim Morrison and said hello to him for other people):

In front of the Louvre: (I didn’t go in, though)

Notre Dame:

Jardin de Luxombourg:

The lovely house where I was staying:

Things that were awesome that I don’t have pictures from: Musee d’Orsay, the parties that my host took me to, and all of the wonderful conversations I had with amazing strangers and beautiful friends.

{July 7, 2010}   Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp was a cute little town. The architecture was beautiful. It was charming. I met a couple cool people there: Jochem, who was my host, and Monika, who was from Czech Republic. There was also some AMAZING graffiti at this skate park Jochem took me to. I had a great time wandering around the city and checking some awesome art and architecture.

My new Couchsurfing friend, Monika:

Portal to another dimension in the castle:

Old and New:

My host Jochem:

Awesome skate park:

{June 14, 2010}   Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I stopped for a few hours in Rotterdam on my way to Antwerp. Oddly, I ended up in what seemed to be the Chinatown of Rotterdam. The strangest part of my visit was sitting in a Chinese food restaurant, with Spanish music playing on the radio, and listening to a guy speak Dutch with a Jamaican accent ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about culture! It was a fine city, not all that thrilling, but I enjoyed my short visit.

{June 7, 2010}   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

So instead of doing day-by-day entries, I’m just going to do posts by city. There are just days that I was super boring and just slept and watched youtube videos all day, so I’ll spare you guys the boredom.

Amsterdam was sooo wonderful. This was the first place where I was Couchsurfing. Honestly, I was a bit nervous just because it was so new to me and I was couchsurfing in a foreign country. My host was Paul:

Paul was an awesome host. He’s an IT guy who has a passion for hula hooping. Not just the traditional ’round-the-hips hooping, but also tons of cool tricks. I went to the park and hooped with him almost every day that I was there. By the end of my stay, I was pretty good. I want to get into it. It’s so much fun and great exercise, too. While I was there, there were two other Couchsurfers as well. There was Carolina from the US:

and Johannes from Gent, Belgium:


By the end of the week we were like a family. It was really hard to leave. Here are some cool things we saw while roaming around the city:

Here is some of the food that I ate:

Here are some classic Amsterdam family photos:

Photo credits to my family members: Carolina, Johannes, and Paul. I’ll post more of my pictures later.

Thanks you guys for such a wonderful time! I’m already craving a family reunion.

et cetera