Amanda's Adventures

I’m Amanda. I like to go on adventures. Haha! But, no really, I do. I think there is something to be said about creating yourself rather than finding yourself. Judge if you will but my experience with musical theatre has really pushed me to create my ideal self. “There’s a life that I am meant to lead, a life like nothing I have known.” –Little Women, the Musical. So yeah, at times I may just throw in a reference to a musical or two, and I ask you, whoever you are, to just go with the flow even if that isn’t your cup of tea. So I’ve often been described as a hippie. Some people could be offended by such a comment, but I revel in it. I dig the music, I dig the clothes, and I dig the way of life they stood for. I’m all about community.

So, all in all, I am your basic San Francisco-to-New York-(soon to be Iowa City)-musical-theatre-geek-hippie transplant. Nice to meet you! Have an awesome day!


Katie says:

Amanda — I’m enjoying your eating your way through Europe blog!

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