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{March 6, 2015}   We All Die Trying To Get It Right

It’s so hard living with a strong need to live out your life’s purpose when you are never quite sure of what that is. There are so many important things I want to do that it’s painful to decide.

At work:

I want to continue being a speech-language pathologist. I want to specialize in communication devices. I want to create an interdisciplinary assistive technology team. I want to create comprehensive interventions and trainings on these tools that are both technical and accessible. I want to foster a collaborative environment at work. I want to be able to leave my work at work. And I want things to get easier over time. Oh, and I also want to write a book. And maybe get my PhD at some point.

At church/spiritual community:

I want to continue to be an important part of the movement towards living out our religious values with intention. I want to foster healthy conversation about how to create healthy, safe, and spiritually enriching camp and conference experiences across the lifespan. I want to help change systems that make roles and responsibilities clear in an effort to develop a mutual sense of accountability between volunteers and my independent UU organization. I want to help to integrate education and resources on mental health and mental illness into my congregation and extended spiritual community through small group ministry and through community outreach. I want to offer social-emotional learning resources to religious education programming. I want to become a lay leader in my community. Also, I want to be a dishwasher at camp.

At dance:

I want to take all 3 dance class types again. I want to stand at the barre again. I want to read Kahnotation again. I want to do double pirouettes consistently on both sides again. I want to actually work on my flexibility this time around. I want to learn the choreography to “The Music and the Mirror”. I want to be in a show again. I want to choreograph again. I want my mind to reconnect with my body. Or maybe connect for the first time.

Life/Home skills:

I want to cook for myself at least 5 nights per week. I want to do my laundry consistently. I want to have a small garden. I want to have a cat. I want to have consistent self-care routines. I want to clean my house more consistently. I want to learn to live happily with less stuff. I want to feel motivated to make my home better, but also secure in being able to cover the basics for myself. I want my home to be unmistakably mine. And I want to share it with someone special. And eventually have a kid with said special person.

Arts and Crafts:

I want to create a home workshop. I want to learn how to blow glass. I want to learn how to weld and work with metal. I want to get better at the piano and guitar. I want to make things for my house out of wood. I want to learn to sew so I can make my own clothes. I want to make more things out of leather. I want to host more bead parties. I want to have mini art shows at my house.


I want to go to New Zealand, Calabria, Spain, Greece, India, Thailand, and Turkey. I want to go back to Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, and Hawaii. In the USA, I want to drive/fly to Portland, Seattle, Boise, Yellowstone, Twin Cities, Detroit, Philadelphia, Burlington, Nashville, Louisville, New Orleans, Taos, Roswell, Sedona, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Fairfield (Iowa), Kalona, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Zion National Park, and Salvation Mountain. I want to go back to my homes-away-from-home in Denver, Mendocino Woodlands, Iowa City, NYC, and Las Cruces.

Personal Spirituality/ Self-Improvement

i want to actually practice yoga and meditation. I want to intentionally live our my values. I want to continue developing my relationship with the Divine. I want to eat mindfully. I want to learn to be present by actively letting go of what I cannot change. I want to build healthy relationships that are mutually supportive. I want to make sure I have alone time. I want to know myself beyond external contexts. I want to dive deep and have fun.

I’ve been told, “You can do it all, but you can’t do it all at once”. I know I need to take that advice to heart.


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