Amanda's Adventures

{June 7, 2010}   Amsterdam, The Netherlands

So instead of doing day-by-day entries, I’m just going to do posts by city. There are just days that I was super boring and just slept and watched youtube videos all day, so I’ll spare you guys the boredom.

Amsterdam was sooo wonderful. This was the first place where I was Couchsurfing. Honestly, I was a bit nervous just because it was so new to me and I was couchsurfing in a foreign country. My host was Paul:

Paul was an awesome host. He’s an IT guy who has a passion for hula hooping. Not just the traditional ’round-the-hips hooping, but also tons of cool tricks. I went to the park and hooped with him almost every day that I was there. By the end of my stay, I was pretty good. I want to get into it. It’s so much fun and great exercise, too. While I was there, there were two other Couchsurfers as well. There was Carolina from the US:

and Johannes from Gent, Belgium:


By the end of the week we were like a family. It was really hard to leave. Here are some cool things we saw while roaming around the city:

Here is some of the food that I ate:

Here are some classic Amsterdam family photos:

Photo credits to my family members: Carolina, Johannes, and Paul. I’ll post more of my pictures later.

Thanks you guys for such a wonderful time! I’m already craving a family reunion.


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