Amanda's Adventures

{June 3, 2010}   Day 5: Pinkpop Day 2

So on this day I decided that I was going to take some pictures of the campground site.

and here is my little tent:

So once I got to the festival site, the first band I saw was Moke.

It was really fantastic to hear an alternative rock band with a legitimate orchestra. It was a beautiful blend of sounds, not to mention amazing cello solos.

The next band I saw was Everything, Everything.

Honestly, I didn’t think that they were memorable, but I was SOOOO happy to be out of the sun in the Converse Stage tent.

The next band was C-Mon + Kypski.

I really liked this band. They had a great fusion of a lot of genres. I heard some rock influence, world music influence, and hip-hop, too! I highly recommend them.

Then I fell asleep on the grass. The sun was so warm and it was really nice falling asleep to good live music. A couple hours and one mild sunburn later, I got hungry so I decided to go eat. Because of all of my tray and cup collecting I was able to get this:

Goat cheese fondue with fresh bread. SOOOOO amazing and such a nice break from fries with mayo. I then walked over to the smaller outside stage. I sat down to have a little picnic by myself. The next act I saw was John Mayer.

I’m not his biggest fan or anything, but I feel that he played a nice variety of music, things I’ve never heard along with music that is played on the radio too often.

As the sky was getting darker, it began to rain. I decided to break down and actually buy a poncho even though I’d been resisting. I just didn’t want to stand in the long lines. The headliner that night was Green Day.

They put on an amazing show, filled with audience participation

and throwing stuff at the audience (the second picture is fuzzy but it’s a t-shirt gun).

Overall, it was a fun show and the audience was really into it. Even though it was raining, every face that I saw had a smile on it (if it wasn’t drinking a beer). Green Day did a pretty light set, not getting into the hardcore punk stuff, but my favorite part was that they ended with “Time of Your Life.” I ran into Jennifer and Ralph on my way out of the festival site and we talked about our days. I was really pumped after the show that I decided to go to the dance club at the Camp B site. I stayed for a little while, hearing some American music as well as music I couldn’t understand. I didn’t stay for long because my feet were hurting and I was tired, but it was fun for a little while.


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