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{June 2, 2010}   Day 4: Amsterdam to Pinkpop Day 1

Got up early to get on the train to Landgraaf. Once we got to Landgraaf we got on buses to the campsites. I took the bus to Camp B, which I heard was a little calmer than Camp A. I immediately realized that I needed to buy a tent. I met a Dutch couple on the bus, Jennifer and Ralph. They were so nice. I left my backpack with them while I went to the camp store to buy the tent. I got myself set up and Jennifer and Ralph showed me around. They told me everything I needed to know about the festival.

The first band I saw was Kasabian.

They were pretty good, sounding like a a mix of Led Zeppelin and the synthesized pop machine sound.

Jennifer and Ralph informed me of a way to eat at the festival for free. If you collect 50 cups or 15 drink trays, you get a free meal coupon. So guess what I did:

So yeah. FREE FOOD, essentially!! The easiest thing for me to eat was french fries with mayo.

Now before you say, “WTF? Mayo? EWWWW!” hear me out. Mayo here in the Netherlands is different. It’s sweeter and absolutely PERFECT for fries. Jennifer and Ralph told me that it’s a staple that they grew up with in the Netherlands, like the American’s peanut butter and jelly.

The next band I saw was The Temper Trap.

They were AMAZING! Such a wonderful alternative sound. They had a great mix of rock and electronica.

They were very loud. HA! I’d describe them as rock/metal. Though it isn’t normally what I listen to, it was fun to dance like crazy to.

As the concert went on, more and more people started gathering on the nearby mountain.

There was also a Pinkpop sign made out of Chalupa Chupa lolipops.

The next act I saw was Paolo Nutini.

He had a great band with a American 1950’s swing band feel mixed with a Spanish influence and an alternative rock feel. While we were sitting, this German woman gave Jennifer, Ralph, and I some free beer. NICE!

So next was the headliner of the day: Rammstein. For those of you who are unaware of this band, let me just say that they’re intense. Like German Goth Metal intense. Here are a few pictures from their insane show:

Basically this band is insanely loud. I’m not really into heavy metal, but I enjoyed the theatrical aspect of it all.

After Rammstein, everyone headed for the much-too-small exit and went back to their respective campsite. Jennifer, Ralph, and I stopped at the gas station and got some food for breakfast the next day. As I got comfy in my little home, I fell asleep to the sounds of crazy partying all around me. It was strangely comforting to listen to.

Later this week: Pinkpop Day 2 (including Moke, John Mayer, and Green Day)


Vail Weller says:

This sounds amazing. So glad you’re there! I will be in Rolduc in the Netherlands in July. I have never been there and have no idea what to expect; if you are near there anytime, tell me what it’s like! Anyway, enjoy your adventure. Lighting a virtual chalice for you!

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