Amanda's Adventures

{May 27, 2010}   Day 2: Frankfurt

So, my second day in Frankfurt had a rather late start. I slept until about 12:30 pm, missing the all-you-can-eat breakfast completely (this was a sad way to start the day). It was a really rainy day out, so I stayed at the hostel. Even though I didn’t go outside, I saw a bunch of crazy stuff: a not-so-slick drug deal, a prostitute carrying a frog stuffed animal, and really pushy strip club owners trying to lure in business men.

I got a little hungry around 3 pm, but I didn’t want to go outside because it was crazy rainy. I asked what kind of snacks they had at the front desk and they handed me this:

It was crazy good. Peanut butter, chocolate, and caramel. Mmmmm.

Anyway, around 6 pm I decided that I needed to go out, even if just to buy an umbrella. I had heard this American group of kids talk about Zeil street and how they went to H&M and got cute umbrellas. So I took the underground train to Zeil street. It was this strange juxtaposition of old and new, with old buildings like this:

and ,

and the new buildings looking like this:

and .

So this street is like the Fifth Ave. of Frankfurt. Tons of stores, many way too expensive. But what stood out to me was the fact that on one block there were 4 H&Ms. 4! Why does there need to be 4 H&Ms on one street? I guess H&M is the Starbucks of Frankfurt.

So as I was walking around I heard some music coming from the end of the street. I, naturally, followed my ears and found myself at the tail-end of a little festival. I never found out what it was, but it looked pretty cool. Just a band playing

(I think they were from Spain) and a dozen food vendors doing it up. I decided to go for a more latin lunch:

with a vanilla milkshake


More stuff that I saw:

And it was fun to find little bits of America during my walk:

After wandering around for a couple hours, I started to get bored and decided to go back to the hostel.

When I got there, my friend Yu Ma (from South Korea) was still there just hanging out. We decided that we wanted to drink some good beer but the beer they sold at the hostel was like 3.5 euro for a Corona (WAY TOO PRICEY). So we went to the corner store and got these:


Two products to note:

paprika Pringles… soooo good, and:

thisis jack and coke in a can!!!!

Amazing stuff I know. So Yu Ma and I basically consumed these until she had to go to the train station to go to Berlin, then I decided to do a puzzle with these two guys, Collin and David, from Canada.

Today included: train to Amsterdam (with picture from Koln in the middle), arriving in Amsterdam, finding my hostel, going to the Anne Frank house, going to a coffee shop called Abraxes, taking a nap, and blogging. I may go out to grab a bite to eat before I go to bed again. Tomorrow is an early morning: train leaves at 6:30 am.

See y’all later!!!


I am so glad you are having this adventure, and so glad you’re blogging about it. Also, I know it’s late, but man am I proud of you for graduating college and getting into grad school. A++ on everything, ma’am.

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