Amanda's Adventures

{March 3, 2010}   The Brooklyn Psych Fest

So Sunday turned out to be a pretty cool day. No, it’s not because I got to go to an awesome Theatre Dance class. No, it’s not because I got to clean the women’s bathroom at the dance studio. It’s because I got to go to the Brooklyn Psych Fest. This music festival took place in The Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg ( This is a really cool place in general. They’re all about interactive art and community space. They have events going on all the time, and the events are free (unless otherwise noted). So I got to the Psych Fest rather late (I was cleaning at my dance studio), but I did hear a few really cool bands. First up was The Asteroid #4. They had a classic rock groove with a dash of garage band. Overall, great sound and stage presence. Next up was La Otracina. They for sure had more of a metal/garage band feel, but still captured the essence of psychedelic jam-band music. The last band that I was sober enough to pay attention to was Naam. They were also very garage band sounding and they had a great set. After that it was all about me and the PBR. I had a great time socializing with people and just hanging out to talk about life and such. Here are a few pictures from my night. I hope to go back to The Glasslands Gallery for another event soon!


{March 2, 2010}   Hello world!

Hey there. It seems like a ton of people are trying this out, so I thought I’d try it too. I like the way it’s put together. LOL Anyway, I’m going to put up pictures from the Brooklyn Psych Fest soon. It was a crazy night filled with great music and TOO MUCH BEER!

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